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Seattle Heating
And Cooling Services

Professional Repair, Installation
And Maintenance For Boilers, Furnaces,
Water Heaters, Heat Pumps And Air-Con Across Seattle

Whether it’s for home improvement, updating, upgrading, new installations or 24/7 emergency repair of your heating or cooling system, we can help.

Get reliable, licensed HVAC contractors in Seattle, north, south, east and west, from Northgate to Bellevue to Rainer Valley and Alki.

We install, service and repair all big brand products like Carrier, Rheem, Amana, Lennox, Goodman, American Standard, Daikin, LG, Samsung, Trane, Honeywell and others.

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Full Seattle HVAC Services

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning

Furnace Services


whether you have an older gas, oil or electric furnace (or even a newer one), if it’s stopped working or is emitting a strange odor, our furnace repair contractors will inspect it and get to the root of the problem.


find out about costs and arrange a personalized in-home estimate. Everything from igniters to valves, blower motor, flame sensor, fuse, thermostat, roof vent, control board, pressure switch to filters to full furnace replacement.


if you have or would like a new furnace, our expert technicians offer fast furnace installation so that your home is warm and toasty asap.

icon-Maintenance and servicing
Maintenance & Servicing

whether you need an air filter clean or replacement, we’ll keep your furnace maintained and serviced so it’s functioning optimally and safely for those chilly Seattle winters.

Boiler Services


have your gas, electric, steam or oil boiler fixed fast with one of an expert boiler repairman at SeattleFurnace. Whether your boiler is leaking, or just not working properly, we’ll get it fixed quickly.


if you need a full boiler replacement of your old boiler, we can help you choose a new, energy-efficient boiler and have it installed in no time anywhere in Seattle.


whether you’ve bought a new boiler already or need advice on choosing the best boiler for your home, we’ll offer expert guidance and have your new boiler installed asap.

icon-Maintenance and servicing
Maintenance & Servicing

boiler servicing and maintenance is essential to ensure your boiler is working properly and running as energy-efficient as possible. Our qualified boiler contractors will have it running smoothly again quickly.

Air Conditioning Services


some common AC problems include blowing hot air, strange odors, faulty fan, broken compressor, thermostat, remote control problems or it’s just not working for some strange reason.

We offer air con repair including mini-splits, central AC, ducted AC, ductless, heat pumps and more.



Whether you’re updating or upgrading to a new AC system, our licensed experts ensure fast air-con replacements so your home will be cool and crispy again in no time.


If you’ve bought a new AC unit already or if you’d like expert advice and recommendations first, we can help you choose the best one for your home and offer fast air-con installation across Seattle.

icon-Maintenance and servicing

Maintenance & Servicing

to extend the life of your AC unit as well as ensure it’s blowing clean air, annual AC maintenance includes filter cleaning, mold check, dust/bacteria and dirt removal.

Our expert, licensed air conditioning contractors are working in and around your local area daily, so we’re near you for emergency AC repairs.

Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps are growing in popularity because they give you heating and cooling all in one. And to keep it running optimally, we offer these services.


whether you have a 2, 2.5, 3, 4 or 5 ton heat pump to repair, we fix all the big brands like Rheem, Daikin, Carrier, Goodman, Mitsubishi, Bosch, Trane, Panasonic and Samsung.


if you’d like full AC replacement of your old unit for better output and greater energy-efficiency, our qualified AC technicians can have your new system installed within a couple of hours as well as show you how to operate it.


for brand new heat pump installation, our licensed contractors offer quick installs so you’ll have either heating or cooling available within hours.

icon-Maintenance and servicing

Maintenance & Servicing

for optimal efficiency and to reduce the need for emergency fixes, regular heat pump maintenance is essential.

An annual inspection is recommended as a minimum to keep your heat pump working at peak efficiency.

Water Heater Services


talk to our team about hot water heater repair if you have no hot water, it’s taking too long to heat up, has a foul odor, limescale buildup, leaks, faulty valve, weak water pressure or overheating.

We can assist you with either an electric or gas water heater as well as tankless water heaters.


if your old water heater is broken or not working properly, a hot water heater replacement is probably the best way to go. Get expert advice about the best system, pros and cons as well as buying a system with low running costs.


whether you’ve bought a new system or you’re seeking specialist advice, our team can guide you on the pros and cons of various models as well as offer hot water system installation in your home.

icon-Maintenance and servicing

Maintenance & Servicing

if your existing hot water heater is older, malfunctioning frequently, rusting or any number of other issues, regular water heater maintenance can extend its life and potentially reduce your utility bills.

Gas Line Services


if you have a broken gas line, pipe leak, rusted pipe or you suspect there’s a problem, get in touch with us for gas line repair work before the problem becomes more serious.


for new gas line installation it’s important to have qualified experts on the job.

As licensed gas line plumbers, we ensure all local regulations are met to ensure your new gas line is installed safely.

Work With One Of The Top Seattle
HVAC Companies

Choosing the right local HVAC company for your home or business heating and cooling is an important decision.

Aside from being in business for many years and offering a wide range of residential and commercial heating and cooling services, our customers can attest to our professional service, affordability and reliability…

What Other Seattle Residents Are Saying About Us...

Residential HVAC Services

Residential HVAC

Rooftop Heating and Cooling

As your rooftop system ages, it can lose efficiency and even break, and choosing just any contractor could lead to a costly and prolonged outcome.

A quick inspection can uncover existing or potential issues and prevent any unwanted downtime of either interior heating or cooling.

Heating Services

From furnaces to boilers to water heaters and heat pumps including both gas and electric, our team handles it all for you.

Get expert servicing, repair, emergency repair, replacements and installations all with one expert team working 7 days a week across Seattle.

Cooling Services

As one of the top air conditioning companies in Seattle we can help you with new installations, repair and servicing.

Whether you have a mini split, central AC, ducted or in combination with a heat pump, our licensed technicians provide accurate estimates and get the job done quickly and safely so you get maximum performance and minimum expense from your AC unit.

Seattle Commercial HVAC Services

Seattle comercial HVAC

Whether you have an office building, large or small commercial space, a retail store or industrial building, we can help with your heating and cooling.

We offer commercial heating and cooling solutions from furnaces to air-conditioning, water heaters, gas line installs and heat pumps.

Keep your staff happy by giving them the best environment to work in.

A temperature-controlled workplace is a happy workplace.

Licensed Commercial HVAC Contractors

Choosing the right contractor is important to ensure your immediate need is met, whether it be an emergency repair, scheduled maintenance or a new installation.

As one of the best reviewed HVAC companies in Seattle with many qualified contractors and positive Google reviews, you can count on us for reliability, affordability and professional service.

Book With The Best Seattle Heating & Cooling Contractors

As one of the top heating companies in Seattle we’re nearby wherever you’re located across the city…


Our contractors are near you in these Seattle northern suburbs: Northgate, Licton Springs, Maple Leaf, Cedar Park and more.


Our contractors are nearby in these Seattle southern suburbs: Rainier Valley, South Park, South Beacon Hill, White Center and more.


Our contractors are close by in these Seattle eastern suburbs: Industrial District, East Queen Anne, Eastlake, Atlantic and more.


Our contractors are near you in these Seattle western suburbs: Alki, Arbor Heights, High Point, Westwood and more.

Common Home Heating And Cooling Problems

To keep your utility bills down and avoid emergency repairs, regular maintenance of your heating or cooling system can help.

But there’s always unforeseen problems that come up… here are a few of the most common we fix on a daily basis…

Furnace Has Stopped Working
It could be anything from a defective thermostat, cracked heat exchanger, frayed/slipped blower belt, malfunctioning limit switch or a pilot control issue.Not to worry, call our furnace experts on (206) 278-2360 to request an emergency repair.
No Hot Water

You go to take a shower or bath and it’s nothing but cold water, brrrrr!

Your hot water heater may be malfunctioning in any number of ways from a valve to a thermostat issue.

Our hot water heater specialists will diagnose the issue quickly so you’re enjoying a hot shower or bath again in no time.

Air-Conditioner Has Stopped Working

This is common as it’s often several months between using your AC during the summer.

It could be a compressor issue, trapped dust or a simple setting. Our AC experts will do some quick troubleshooting to identify and fix the issue fast.

Strange Odor Coming From Furnace Or Air-Con

Strange odors are never a pleasant thing which is why it’s important to get an inspection as soon as possible.

Our heating and cooling experts have seen just about everything so we’ll have you back up and running in a flash.

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