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The best way to increase the life and functionality of your HVAC system is to schedule regular maintenance. Hiring a qualified Seattle Furnace technician to diagnose, clean and repair your heating and cooling systems each fall and spring* will help to ensure maximum life and use of your unit for the upcoming cold and hot weather.

*Fall heat pump inspections should be scheduled between mid-August and the end of October. Spring heat pump or air conditioning unit inspections should be scheduled between mid-February and the end of May.

Heat pumps

Most homes built in the Seattle area were not built with air conditioning but as summer temperatures have risen over the last decade, many homeowners are looking for cooling solutions. Heat pumps are an ideal temperature control system because they provide both heat and cooling for your home. They are also more cost-effective than a standard gas or electric furnace; a Seattle utility provider has released information stating that a mid-efficiency heat pump is more efficient in this state than the highest efficiency gas furnace.

We service and install many quality heat pump systems. Ask us about the quality products we install and which one would be best for you.

Heat pump maintenance

To keep your heat pump working effectively, annual maintenance is important.

Our Seattle heat pump technicians will inspect, clean and repair common issues including:

  • A non-calibrated, non-level or faulty thermostat
  • Low refrigerant or defective metering device
  • Damaged reversing valve
  • Worn out compressor valves
  • Broken compressor
  • Return duct leakage

If not addressed, these heat pump issues can lead to an inconvenient break down or worse: complete system failure.

Our heat pump technicians perform the following tasks as part of our maintenance program:

  • Check thermostat
  • Check return air filter
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Check condensate drain, pan and fittings for leaks
  • Check blower wheel
  • Check blower motor stability
  • Check blower motor, compressor and condenser fan motor amp draw
  • Lube motors and bearings
  • Check belt, pulleys and alignment
  • Check total electrical consumption
  • Inspect parts for wear
  • Check and secure all panels
  • Assess quality of all electrical connections
  • Check unit disconnect switch
  • Check temperature difference across coil
  • Remove debris from around outside of unit
  • Check condenser fan motor to ensure stability
  • Check reversing valve
  • Check crankcase heater
  • Check relays and contractors
  • Check capacitors
  • Check all safety devices and controls
  • Test time delay
  • Check defrost assembly/timer
  • Test refrigeration metering device for blockage or improper operation
  • Measure operating pressures with gauges
  • Check noise and vibration levels

At the end of your maintenance service you will receive a report with a list of needed/recommended improvements to your heat pump system. Any repairs to your heat pump come with a 1 year repair warranty.

Air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioning (AC) is great for those hot spring and summer days where you just can’t escape the heat. As a bonus, an air conditioner keeps unfiltered air outside; great for people with allergies. We service most air conditioning units and install very efficient and quiet units that help keep your utility bills down and your neighbors happy.

Failing to properly maintain an air conditioning system can lead to a loss of five percent of its efficiency every year a tune-up isn’t performed. Eventually, the system will fail completely. Regular preventative maintenance can help stop many of the most common air conditioner system breakdowns and malfunctions. Our Seattle air conditioner service technicians will look for and repair all the major causes of premature breakdowns, safety hazards and ineffective operation including leaking refrigerant, worn-down motors and electrical issues. We will keep your AC system running in optimal condition so you can stay cool all summer.

Air conditioning tune-up and safety inspection includes:

  • Measuring amperage and voltage in the blower motor
  • Testing for proper operation, calibration and level of the thermostat
  • Cleaning air filter (if needed)
  • Inspecting bearing for wear and lubrication
  • Inspecting indoor coil
  • Flushing and treating condensate drain with anti-algae
  • Inspecting condenser coil
  • Monitoring operating pressures in refrigerant
  • Inspecting safety devices for proper operation
  • Inspecting the electrical disconnect box for proper rating and safe installation
  • Inspecting and tightening connections in the electrical wiring
  • Testing/inspecting contactors for burned, pitted contacts
  • Inspecting electrical for exposed wiring
  • Inspecting and testing capacitors
  • Inspecting fan blade
  • Cleaning condenser coil and removing debris
  • Inspecting service valves for proper operation
  • Measuring supply/return temperature differential
  • Inspecting duct work for energy loss
  • Monitoring, measuring amperage and volt draw and wiring connections in the compressor

At the end of your maintenance service you will receive a report with a list of needed/recommended improvements to your air conditioning system. Any repairs to your cooling system come with a 1 year repair warranty.

HVAC maintenance plans

Our HVAC maintenance plans will save you money with preferred pricing plus priority scheduling. The annual maintenance will also help you to meet manufacturer requirements for the extended warranty. Overall, you will save money by extending the life of your heating and cooling systems by ensuring that they are working efficiently and avoid the hassle of them breaking down when you need them.

Contact Seattle Furnace today for a free quote or to schedule your air conditioning or heat pump maintenance service.

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