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Mini Split


Seattle Mini Split


Are you interested in installing a mini split in Seattle, WA? Your Seattle mini split can be the perfect match for your home. If your home does not have any existing duct work, you can switch to the ductless mini split option that also saves you electricity. Your Seattle mini split can be switched off in empty rooms. Seattle Furnace provides you with top-notch installation services. Get in touch with our Seattle mini split experts today!

If you have a property or an area on your property where ductwork is not practical, our Seattle mini split specialists can help you achieve the right amount of heating and air conditioning.

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Our Seattle mini split experts are just a call away! Call Seattle Furnace at (253) 478-8472.

Seattle Ductless Mini Split


Why do people go for Seattle ductless mini split services from Seattle Furnace? Because Seattle Furnace provides professional installations, great quality repair work, and top-notch maintenance of your Seattle ductless mini split system! Serving satisfied customers since 2013, our family-run business has been providing you with amazing heating and cooling solutions – with ducts as well as ductless systems.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of ductwork, Seattle ductless mini split is the option to go for. Your Seattle ductless mini split can drastically reduce your cooling as well as heating costs by providing your living space with cold or hot temperature without involving any ducts. This way, you can have a versatile heating and cooling solution in your home with varying levels of temperature throughout your house. How cool is that!

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For more information on your Seattle ductless mini split, contact Seattle Furnace at (253) 478-8472

Seattle Mini Split Installation


Your Seattle mini split installation can be a great idea if you have a property that does not allow ductwork. In addition to this, you can save as much as 30% on your cooling and heating costs. You get the versatility to choose the best temperature setting for every room, making your home energy-efficient, and your life super convenient!

Seattle Furnace provides you with great quality Seattle mini split installation services. Talk to our Seattle mini split installation team today to find out more about the services we offer.

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Seattle Furnace provides great quality Seattle mini split installation services. Call us today! (253) 478-8472.

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