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The Atlantic Neighborhood of Seattle


A Neighborhood Where Urban Living Thrives and An Expert HVAC Company Provides Services

Ranked 31st in Seattle’s best neighborhoods, Atlantic is a lively community in the Central District. This neighborhood offers an urban lifestyle, attracting renters and young professionals. Atlantic strikes the perfect balance between modern living and classic charm, offering a dynamic community. As the go-to 24-hour heating and cooling service, Seattle Furnace and Air Conditioning takes pride in providing the HVAC service of this dynamic community, ensuring that your home and business resonate with the spirit of the Atlantic neighborhood.



Zip Code: 98144

Area: 0.753 square miles

Population: Approx 5,923

City: Seattle



Atlantic is a triangular neighborhood, bordered by E Yesler Way to the north, Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S to the east, and Rainier Avenue S to the west. It offers proximity to Mann, Minor, Leschi, Yesler Terrace, and the International District.



Accessibility is a blessing with a walk score of 82, a bike score of 74, and a transit score of 64. Metro Transit provides bus services with 34 stops, and the neighborhood is close to I-90 and I-5. For electric vehicle owners, there are 1 level-2 charging point and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is nearby.



With a diverse housing stock, including classic craftsman homes and contemporary townhouses, Atlantic has a median home value of $673,517 and a median rent of $1,732. The urban feel attracts a mix of renters and owners, with a median household income of $91,168. The neighborhood’s high walk score ensures that daily tasks can be easily accomplished on foot, enhancing the overall living experience.

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Discover the educational richness of Atlantic, from preschools instilling early learning foundations to elementary and middle schools emphasizing academic excellence. High schools offer diverse opportunities, while specialized institutions cater to unique learning styles and promote social-emotional development. Explore the varied educational options that shape the vibrant community of Atlantic.


Bright Water Waldorf School

Address: 1414 S Weller St Suite C, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: +12066246176

Located in the historic Capitol Hill district, Bright Water Waldorf School offers a balanced academic program with a focus on arts, social, and emotional development for students from preschool through 8th grade.

MMSC Day School

Address: 620 20th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: +12065239766

Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder Day School, a private Jewish school, provides an intimate educational setting with a student-teacher ratio of 6:1 and a commitment to academic excellence.

Elementary School:

Bailey Gatzert Elementary School

Address: 1301 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: +12062522810

A public school with a student-teacher ratio of 11:1, Bailey Gatzert Elementary School focuses on providing quality education to its diverse student body, ensuring proficiency in both math and reading.

Thurgood Marshall Elementary

Address: 2401 S Irving St, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: +12062522800

Ranked among the best public elementary schools in Washington, Thurgood Marshall Elementary is highly rated, providing quality education with a student-teacher ratio of 13:1 and proficiency in math and reading.

Middle School:

Washington Middle School

Address: 2101 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: +12062522600

With a commitment to academic proficiency, Washington Middle School serves grades 6-8, boasting a diverse student population and a focus on math and reading excellence.

High School:

Giddens School

Address: 2120 21st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: +12063244847

An exceptional private institution, Giddens School fosters well-rounded individuals with a strong academic foundation, emotional intelligence, and a commitment to social justice. With a student-teacher ratio of 7:1, the school provides personalized attention to its diverse student body.

Special Education School:

Hamlin Robinson School

Address: 1701 20th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: +12067631167

As a special education school, Hamlin Robinson School is dedicated to unlocking the academic and creative potential of students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. With a vision for a rich and comprehensive educational experience, the school instills core values of respect, responsibility, purpose, and perseverance.

Alternative School:

Bridges Academy

Address: 2706 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: +12068489990

Addressing the needs of twice-exceptional students, Bridges Academy offers an exciting and stimulating curriculum, supporting social-emotional development. As an alternative school, it emphasizes diversity and unique learning styles.

Girls’ School:

Seattle Girl’s School

Address: 1700 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: +12067092228

Inspiring courageous leaders, Seattle Girl’s School offers a collaborative and joy-filled learning environment for grades 5-8. With an average class size of 17 students, the school emphasizes independent thinking, joyful learning, and a commitment to championing change.

School-Seattle Neighborhood



Discover Atlantic’s diverse culinary tapestry, where hidden gems offer authentic Vietnamese pho, eco-friendly pizzerias serve Neapolitan delights, and quirky cafes infuse American comfort food with Korean flavors. From soulful havens of comfort food to intimate Ethiopian restaurants, the neighborhood’s vibrant dining scene invites you to savor rich and earthy tones, fresh seafood, and classic soul food in every bite. Explore a world of flavors in Atlantic’s diverse eateries.

The Boat

1314 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Rating: 4.3

Type: Vietnamese Restaurant

A hidden gem, The Boat, shaped like a small, light-filled boat, is a Vietnamese eatery renowned for its delectable pho. Offering a cozy atmosphere, it’s a perfect spot to savor authentic Vietnamese flavors with options for beer, coffee, and wine.

Humble Pie

525 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Rating: 4.5

Type: Pizza Restaurant

An eco-friendly pizzeria, Humble Pie, delights pizza enthusiasts with Neapolitan pies and craft beer. Tucked in a tiny space with a charming garden, it offers organic dishes, happy-hour specials, and a warm ambiance.

Cheeky Cafe

1700 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Rating: 4.5

Type: Restaurant

For a quirky culinary experience, Cheeky Cafe stands out, serving ample portions of American comfort food infused with Korean flavors. With options for alcohol, beer, and coffee, it’s a delightful spot for a quick bite.

Soulful Dishes

1800 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98122

Rating: 4.4

Type: Soul Food Restaurant

Soulful Dishes, an embodiment of comfort and flavor, specializes in soul food. With a focus on quick bites and vegetarian options, it’s a soulful retreat for those seeking hearty and soul-satisfying meals.

Chef Cafe

2200 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Rating: 4.6

Type: Ethiopian Restaurant

Immerse yourself in the rich and earthy tones of Chef Cafe, an intimate Ethiopian restaurant offering traditional dishes. With a cozy ambiance, it provides options for alcohol, beer, and coffee, along with vegetarian and vegan choices.

Seattle Fish Guys

411 23rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Rating: 4.6

Type: Seafood Market

Blending a cafe and market, Seattle Fish Guys offers a bright and modern space to relish poke, chowder, and seasonal seafood. It’s a casual spot for seafood enthusiasts seeking a fresh and vibrant dining experience.

Jackson’s Catfish Corner

2218 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Rating: 4.5

Type: Soul Food Restaurant

Jackson’s Catfish Corner is a soulful haven known for its comfort food. With a diverse menu spanning lunch, dinner, catering, and dessert, it’s a cherished spot for those craving authentic soulful flavors.

Simply Soulful

2321 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Rating: 4.3

Type: Soul Food Restaurant

A pint-sized, family-owned cafe, Simply Soulful, captures the essence of classic soul food. With a convivial setting, it’s a go-to place for coffee, comfort food, and delightful small plates.

Restaurant-Seattle Neighborhood



Judkins Park:

Located within Atlantic, Judkins Park is a rectangular oasis bounded by Interstate 90 to the south and 20th Avenue S to the west. Established in 1910, it began as a settlement house for Italian immigrants. The park boasts two baseball fields, a soccer field, a playground, and a small water park, offering diverse recreational options for residents. Despite facing disruptions during the 1960s to the early 1990s due to Interstate 90 developments, Judkins Park remains a valuable green space within the neighborhood.

Atlantic Recreational Facilities:

For households with kids, Atlantic, Seattle, provides access to various parks and playgrounds, including Powell Barnett Park, Pratt Park, and Peppi’s Playground. These spaces offer excellent recreational facilities for both children and adults, making them ideal for picnics, walks, and weekend activities. Additionally, the neighborhood ensures proximity to quality daycare centers, such as Paideia Academy Montessori Pre-School, Spring Street Early Learning Center, Tiny Trees Preschool, and We Are the World Daycare. The presence of urgent care centers like MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care, Swedish Employee Health & Wellness Clinic, and Concentra Urgent Care adds to the convenience of residents, enhancing the overall quality of life in the community.



Atlantic encapsulates urban living with a diverse blend of amenities, vibrant parks like Judkins Park, and a liberal community vibe. Its central location ensures accessibility and a dynamic atmosphere, making it an attractive and well-rounded neighborhood for residents seeking an urban lifestyle. Seattle Furnace and Air Conditioning emerges as the local hero for all your heating and cooling needs, ensuring your home or office stays comfortable, offering the following services:

24/7 HVAC Services:

Our commitment to your comfort knows no bounds. Seattle Furnace and Air Conditioning offers round-the-clock HVAC services, providing quick responses and expert solutions whenever you need them. Whether it’s day or night, we are just a call away.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Services:

Specializing in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, Seattle Furnace is dedicated to creating the perfect indoor climate for your space. Our expertise ensures a seamless blend of warmth and coolness tailored to your preferences.

HVAC Repair:

Encounter HVAC issues? Trust our skilled technicians for efficient and reliable HVAC repairs. Seattle Furnace excels in diagnosing and resolving problems promptly, restoring your system to optimal performance.

Maintenance Services:

Preventive care is key to the longevity of your HVAC system. Seattle Furnace offers comprehensive maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly. Regular check-ups and tune-ups ensure peak efficiency.

Friendly Neighborhood Expert:

Beyond technical expertise, Seattle Furnace takes pride in being your friendly neighborhood HVAC expert. Approach us for personalized service, local insights, and a commitment to your comfort.

In the heart of Atlantic, Seattle Furnace and Air Conditioning are more than just HVAC service providers; we are your companions in creating a climate that mirrors the charm of this beautiful neighborhood.

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